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Joint Admission Board,JAB, Replaced by a New Body

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grad imageUniversity admissions will no longer be handled by the Joint Admission Board, JAB. In its place, there has been established a new body, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service, KUCCPS. The new body will be tasked with overseeing admission of students into both private and public universities as well as middle level colleges.

Under this new arrangement, private university students will have the amount of loans they receive from the state increased. While JAB was tasked with admitting only government sponsored students into public universities, KUCCPS will be tasked with admitting all students into universities and middle level colleges.

The new body will also have the responsibility to offer career guidance to students entering the institutions. The body will have a 12 member board appointed by the minister for education. Two vice chancellors from public universities, two from private universities, principal secretary in the ministry of finance and the principal secretary for higher education will also sit in the board. Others to sit in the board will be HELB boss and the head of Technical Industrial and Vocational Education training Agency.

Already, a team led by the Commission for University Education boss, David Some has visited the United Kingdom to a board works. The Some led team said that it had compiled a list of best practices across the world and handed it over to the cabinet secretary in charge for approval. The new body has been put in place to seal some of the loopholes exhibited by JAB, especially locking out many qualified students from joining university. KUCCPS will not only level the academic playing field but will also enable admission of more students into university.




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