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Did Sheila Mwanyiga Pose Nude for Vaseline?


sheilaSheila Mwanyiga has been on the limelight for quite some time now but it’s an ad which she did recently for Vaseline that has thrust her into controversy once again. Her name pops up every time who is who in the media industry is is being mentioned. It doesn’t matter whether you know her as Sheila the mellow voiced presenter, Nikki the singer or former girlfriend to Prezzo. The fact is; Sheila is an influential media personality and is also the Kenyan Vaseline ambassador.

Questions have been raised as to whether Sheila really posed nude for the Vaseline ad. In the ad placed on billboards all over Nairobi, Sheila appears like she is nude with no part of her clothing visible in the picture. The picture doesn’t really reveal much of her nudity though.

Perhaps the aim was to reveal her flawless African skin, courtesy of Vaseline, but guys seem to be reading a little bit too much into the ad. One can’t help wondering whether she actually posed nude for the ad.




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