The short film Intellectual Scum, based on an article by Field Ruwe, had a classy red carpet premier at the Michael Joseph Centre  on the 2nd of April 2015. The private screening was graced by actors, crew, cast, family and friends of the two young artists, Kevin Njue and Bill Jones Afwani.

intellectual scum
Part of the film crew and audience on the red carpet


The 15 minute film was an eye opener to the African continent and despite the crew facing challenges in licensing, approvals, and budget and finding an actual plane before the shoot; the film was a well- executed piece of six months of hard work.

During the event, the crew presented the challenges facing the larger Kenyan film industry as part of their own. That is; lack of funds. The film which is also an adaptation from an article titled “YOU LAZY INTELLECTUAL AFRICAN SCUM” also faced challenges in finding the plane they used for the film. In fact, Njue describes it as a miracle as they did not have the plane a day to the principal shoot day.

Within a span of 15 mins, the film manages to keep us glued to the screens despite the extreme urge to get up and duct tape the mouth of the very expressive Walter.


The story begins when Walter (Jason Corder) is robbed a bag that contains a very expensive watch. On a flight he takes, he sits next to an African man, Ruwe (Patrick Oketch) who coincidentally wears a similar watch.

Infuriated by the sentimentality he held to the chronometer, he begins by saying, “its funny how you people just sit there and watch yourselves die”.

intellectual scum

Throughout the film, Walter hurls truthful insults at the African continent on how we are unable to fend for ourselves and even goes ahead to claim he has worked with big corporations such as the IMF to rip us off and how plans are underway to drain us of our resources even further.

intellectual scum

The film is quite an eye opener to the African continent and despite the lack of response by Ruwe throughout the film; someone might actually rise in defense of the African continent. However, the movie does well to raise important questions that we as Africans must do well to ask ourselves.

With such brilliant and talented minds, it’s a surprise to see just how much they have achieved. It is definitely an inspiration to all with a dream, that if you are dedicated, it can come to fruition. No wonder that intellectual scum has been nominated for the Zanzibar Film Festival award ceremony.

As Varcity wish them nothing but the best!!

By @cynthiatuts