Sometimes when you’re extremely bored you noticed the outright strangest things. I was on my way to work late and stuck in traffic. I watched the ladies pass by analyzing their taste of fashion. It usually takes me two hrs to town and no I don’t live in Rongai republic or its environs. All the way through the colors and fashion direction changed and I think it’s safe to say we have stereotypes for all Nairobi ladies. Here’s the list.


We are all familiar with this chick. She could pass for a rugby player because of her physique. Her loud mouth is audible in a crowd of idlers chilling at the “base”. Her fashion is restricted to jeans and hoodies. She hates horsehair hence her preference to braids or a rough afro look. She’s very social and everyone loves her sense of humor. Unfortunately she doesn’t take bull  from anyone. She’s mostly found at hoods like Huruma, Githurai or Kikuyu. I know this because they are always calling up ghetto radio goteana.


We’ll notice her mostly because she over did something especially makeup. Be it the nike eyebrows, the mismatching lipstick or the backfired horse hair. But that’s just the amateur of this group. Once she has mastered her look, she’ll get as many piercings or tattoos as she can even if it will cost her an arm and leg. Her image always comes first hence her self conscious nature. They love attending hyped events, taking selfies every waking minute of what they are doing, where she is and who she’s with. Not that we care but attention seeking for the *dabotap* is her thing. Abundantly found in Buru, Nyayo or Thika.

Spoilt babes

These ladies smell, act and are surrounded by old money. Money isn’t a problem in fact it never has been. They don’t need to know the fashion trends because they receive clothes from Milan or New York’s fashion week. They aren’t snobby they are just allergic to anyone lower than their standard. I really don’t have much to say for this category. You’ll find them scattered from Karen to Runda environs or Kilimani.

Displaced and clueless

We all know her. She doesn’t get the hype of fashion. However, if she does get something new in her closet you can tell partly because you’ve mastered her wardrobe. Yes, it’s that bad! She prefer no make up may be anti social but really  close to those she knows. Shy but loveable. 🙂 Sadly she’s the walk over of all these categories.

I don’t mean to be a bish but this is all from observation….so ladies keep calm till then I’m out!