10 Crazy Things Campus Students Do While Alone In The Hostel

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Your roomie is leaving you alone in the hostel this weekend. Either they are going home or they have a new relationship and spend all their time with their lover. Definite gaps of boredom will definitely arise. You suddenly realize that even though you hate your roomie, you can’t do without them. Here are 10 crazy things people do while alone in the hostel room:

1. Go Naked.This is the most fun thing to do, strip off all your clothes and enjoy the comfort of being free. Remember to lock your room lest some annoying freak bumps in without knocking. Maximize by taking selfies and posting just the head shots of these.

maxresdefault (2)

2. Have some alone time. Or with that dude (if you are a girl). This the time you have been waiting for. ALONE TIME with the special classmate or friend you’ve been eyeing. Well, the coast is clear and you have the space to entertain your potential.

3. Watch Porn. Yes, we all know you watch these. You can finally watch them without the headphones and maybe do something about the steam.

4. Play music till morning of the next day. If anyone comes over to ask you to reduce the volume, show them the middle finger. It’s your night to let loose. Try mix this with the being naked. FREEDOM!!!

dancing home alone

5. Drink yourself silly. Go from black label to red to green until you reach the gold label. See how low you can go, how drunk you can get. Safest place to drink and no one shall see how silly you look. But be careful because this kind of drinking is accompanied by embarrassing drunk texts and calls to the ex.


6. Try on your roommates clothes.  Been eyeing a top or new sneakers of your roommate that they can never let you try on? Take them all and outfits you don’t usually wear and model them with pieces that you wouldn’t usually match together. Who knows! You might find yourself a new look!

7. Peeing with bathroom door open. One of the many pleasures one can enjoy when one lives alone. Peeing with the door open means you’ve made it social-status speaking. This “open door policy” is a pleasure that combines the physical sensation with a sense of personal liberation and a hint of naughtiness. Who the hell is going to close the door when no one is around?

8. Snooping. Oh yeah. When you are gone, your roommate will probably snoop around your stuff. Checking out your drawers and the stuff you keep  inside it.

shock_woman snooping

9. Fart out as loud as you can. When we are outside the house and there are people around, we excuse ourselves, go to not so distant place and give the blow in order to avoid the horrible smell and sound. But when you are alone, it becomes the greatest pleasure to fart freely without worrying about getting caught or killing everyone else in the room. (unless you hear a knock knock on your door.)

10. Jump on your roommates bed. Turn your roomie’s bed into a bouncing castle. Avenge for all the bad things your roomie has done to you.


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