10 Facts on Halima, DJ Creme’s Sex Tape Vixen

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(Last Updated On: November 3, 2015)

Now about the whole of Kenya has seen the X-Rated sex tape of DJ Creme. The 5 minute video has been the talk of the town with many having various thoughts on  both his and her skills. However, little is known about the cowgirl riding lass. Here are some 10 facts on the lovely Halima Nasir:

  1. She loved Changes Pub and frequented at the club

2. She has a son, father still unknown

3. Halima’s sons name is Shani

4 Robert ALAI RobertAlai Twitter

4. She likes it dry dry

5. She loves the cowgirl position

6. She is 5.3 inches in height

7. She is not a staunch Muslim

8. She wears waist beads and can therefore shake her waist

9. She has a thing for DJ’s

10. She doesn’t mind location of your lovemaking as long as you make her cum

There you go!


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