We all recognise Nyla  from Redsan’s  “Touch me there”.  So here are some fun facts topped up with lovely photos of her with and without make up.

  1. Her full name is Nailah Thorbourne.
  2. She’s  half american half jamaican
  3. Her father was a Jamaican deejay hence the natural flow in music.
  4. She began her career as Brick and Lace which originally included her and  her two sisters Tasha and Nyanda Thorbourne.
  5. She’s the younger sister to Nyanda (slippery when wet)
  6. Her first solo debut single was Stand up
  7. She’s signed under the record; Bloodline Entertainment.
  8. Her birthday was yesterday ( 27th Nov)
  9. Her hair is naturally black but we all know she’s a better blonde….
  10. She’s the next door typa girl.

Please #teammafisi don’t drool…