Rules are meant to be broken but not the Brocodes. These are rules set between men to help them relate well with fellow men. Let’s say it helps keep the male kingdom at peace. There is a whole lot of codes among the Bros but the following ten are the most important.

  1. Code 1

If a Bro’s wife, girlfriend or side-chick asks any clever questions about his man you are never supposed to answer. Always avoid these questions by bringing up different angles to it. Say you do not know about his private affairs maybe because he is too secretive or create a theory that will make you believable.

  1. Code 2

You are not allowed to date a Bro’s sister. She is off limits and in this kind of society it would be considered incest. You guys are Bros and that will always remain that way and cannot be changed. Respect a bros sister and never attempt hitting on her.

  1. Code 3

If a bro hits on another girl beside his wife you are supposed to intervene only once. If he is about to cheat on his girlfriend or wife remind him of the consequences only once. If the bro does not listen do not bring up the matter again.

  1. Code 4

You are always the number one wingman for a bro when it comes to hunting. Never back down or deny a bro the pleasure of getting this new girl. Be there when he needs to make a move on a random hot woman because it is code!

  1. Code 5

Never ditch a friend for a girl. It doesn’t work in the bro world. The brocade is meant to be kept alive unless there are amends. Bros always come before the girl and so this code should always remind you of that. You are only supposed to ditch the code for a while when chances of getting the girl are way over possible.

  1. Code 6

Social media has brought with it blessings that can be shared by bros. if a bro shares nudes that were sent by a girl with you, you are to protect them from leaking at any cost.

  1. Code 7

If you are picked to be the best man at a bro’s wedding it’s an honor. It’s like getting picked to MC at the Grammy Awards so do not mess up like Steve Harvey! Make sure you plan the best bachelor party ever.

  1. Code 8

Always watch out for how you bro dresses. It is your obligation to make sure he looks smart for a given occasion. Help him out if you have great fashion taste.

  1. Code 9

Greet your bro appropriately. Do not make it weird. Remember a hug should always come after a handshake and make sure your chests never touch.

  1. Code 10

And finally never go after a bro’s ex. It brings conflict. If one bro dates a girl the others are never supposed to entertain her after they break up. If a girl breaks up with a bro, she breaks up with the whole Brohood.

This has been shared from The African Bachelor blog on this link The above codes are to be followed by every man failure of which will be punished by ass-whooping.