10 Reasons I’m Faithful to My Guy

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(Last Updated On: September 29, 2014)
He checks up on me
I said check up not stalk or track me down. He definately doesn’t nag me about who I was with and what was the agenda! Just a simple call or message asking how I am and how my day is going. We ladies love that… So take notes
He listens
I may have mentioned something a week ago but he remembers. How he does it…I don’t know really. But us ladies love it when we can huff and puff about everything and nothing; he may make fun but cares enough to give advice.
He trusts me
Sometimes if he’s having a bad day and I notice his façade. I just ask or call to know whats up. When a guy opens up and tells you a problem he has… It’s an awesome feeling. Ladies love when their hero takes off his mask and cape once in awhile. Trusting someone enough to let them see you in a not so perfect light is always a plus.
He’s straightforward.
I’m very blunt when it comes to opinion. However, he is worse and I love it. I don’t like a guy who beats around the bush. Ladies love honesty especially with issues touching on fashion and our health. I’m not asking you to be mean. Just tell her the truth. You might get lucky and make an honest and loyal bish out of her. 🙂
He’s focused
This point may confuse people but ladies do prefer guys who have their shit together. I’m not talking about being rich but knowing what you want. Ambition is a turn on and key to a lady who sees it in a man. She’ll stay to help you stay focused. If it wasn’t meant to be she’ll leave because she doesn’t see your potential. I mean look at how David and Victoria Beckham started. Look at them now!
We connect
I mean an intellectual and intimate connection. We can stay late chatting about a #tt or tweef up on twitter or sending hilarious pics and memes, debate about some business or politics and still have time to go X-rated. Like Trigga sings sex has never been and will never be better than love.
He’s thoughtful
On my birthday I was abit bummed that he was caught up in meetings preparing for a summit he was hosting. But out of the blue he hollad and we linked up. I’m still smiling right now. It was the best surprise :better than him sending a bouquet of flowers and a card. Guys I’m sorry if I’m increasing pressure 😛
He compliments
Despite how long we’ve been together; he doesn’t tire to remind me of my beauty or kind heart. Most men stop after a month and are already sniffing under other skirts. Then you have the audacity to say we aint loyal! You should make us feel special or someone else will beat you too it. Jussayin…
He makes time for me
He may be caught up in the day but delegates time for a chat in the evening. Here we catch up. Its safe to say ladies need attention from their man…if we don’t get it we become paranoid or simply stray consoling ourselves that he’s doing the same.
He introduces me to his family and friends.
No… I haven’t met the parents yet. I only know the sister and brother. Introducing your girlfriend to your friends (female or male) and family helps us know its not a fling; That you’ll stick around for long hence letting us know the people you interact with frequently. You may have no idea but this is the icing of the cake and really reassuring.
Hope you got some pointers. Catch you later..I’m out!

Stacey Nduta

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