10 Things You Should Not Bring to University


Admittedly, this blog was originally going to be entitled “5 things you should bring to university”. However, as I looked around my room, I realised that I had brought more useless things that I hadn’t touched in months then I had used daily. And so, from my own experience, here are 10 things you do NOT need to bring with you when you leave home for university…

10. Books you read for pleasure
Let me just tell you, that you will never get through a whole book for pleasure. There are so many readings for every single paper that you will never have time to read anything other than relevant course material. I brought EIGHT books with me… What a foolish decision that was. The only one I’ve opened since I put them on my top shelf is “The Lord of the Rings” which I only read as part of a behaviour modification assignment for HLTHPSYC 122. Although I am an avid reader at home, I recommend you not waste your suitcase space on your fave fantasy novels.