10 Things to Do when You Bump into an Ex


We all hate those awkward encounters; when you’re just doing what you’re supposed to do (mind your own business) and you bump into an old friend or rather an old flame. You’re stuck between smiling or simply walking away especially if they are the ones who left you hanging. Personally, I freeze and blend with my environment hoping they’ll assume I’m crazy and moon walk their way back from wherever they came from. The worst part is that we bmp into them probably when you’re not looking your mighty best. So because I’m here to help a brother or sister or whatever you are, here are some pointers.

  1. Acknowledge them

This happens with men a lot when they don’t remember a name but the size of some body parts instead. Just play along and wear “ze face of recognition” Names don’t matter just don’t make the mistake of calling her by the wrong one because that a volcanic eruption about to happen.

  1. Greetings

You may put out your hand for a hand shake as your ex moves in for a hug. I know it’s cold but do what you feel at the moment. Hugs are quite symbolic and so are pecks. Downgrading him/her to a handshake may show how far down the priority list they dropped since you last saw each other.

  1. Compliment

As much as it hurts to do so, compliment something about them or what they are wearing. It doesn’t matter if they have the worst choice of style; say it like you mean it.

  1. Be concise

There’s a common 1-2-3 step conversation most Kenyans use. It’s simple; How have you been? What have you been up to? Where are you heading? That’s basic and pretty much leaves the person feeling like you cared enough to ask.

  1. Don’t give out contacts

The former point may give off a really bad impression that you GAF (pardon my French) so don’t go overboard and give contacts unless you feel like you really need to reconnect with that person.

  1. Avoid touchy topics

We all have the clingy ex experience, if you don’t… be grateful. At all costs don’t indulge them too much. Questions like: What happened to us? Why did you leave me? Did you stop loving me? Those ticking time bombs will cause dramatic scenes that are quite unneccesary.

  1. Avoid him/her as the subject matter

Sadly, if you do bump into your ex in a queue or in a bus, you’ll have to employ damage control and engage in a lengthy but broken conversation. You know the one with awkward silent moments L..In such a situation talk about everything else but your ex. Family, politics, Kapedo, #mydressmychoice, even the weather if need be.

  1. Wear your poker face

There are those times when bumping into an ex aren’t so bad. I mean who knew leaving or ‘separating’ from them would make them blossom that much! However, you shouldn’t stare in awe or in pure lust (all the #teammafisi outchea). Put that poker face on, even if she be skin lightening or he’s going to the gym doesn’t change what caused the break up.

  1. Walk away and never look back

Yes you want to see if they’ll look back first, yes you want to check out her ass or his swaggish walk but you could also be hit by a car, motorcycle or whatever else moves on these roads.

  1. Smile when it’s over

I don’t believe in randomness everything works in some kind of organized manner to be random. So smile, maybe it meant something, maybe it was a test… whatever the reason pat yourself on the shoulder back. It always get better.