10 Things Kenyan Youth Really Need

A much trending topic on Twitter this week is #WhatKenyanYouthsNeed. Many Kenyans voiced their opinion on this media platform and here are a few things that came out clear:

  1. To stand up for societal virtues.

Tribalism and corruption are social evils that have inhibited our country and to some extent our culture. However many youth in Kenya seem to care very little if at all about these issues. When the older generation dies of the youth become the future therefore they should stand against such societal wrongs among other things bound to ruin them.


  1. Quit living textbook lives.

The education system in Kenya has proven to be theory oriented as opposed to being practical. Loads of graduates are going into jobs without having the skill-set to perform their duties at work. Others aren’t even getting chances to have those jobs and resort to staying home until they do expecting their lives to flow in the average manner that the system has fashioned them to.  Few Kenyan youth know how to use their minds to create jobs for themselves and that is what they need to do- create employment for themselves if none is available to them.


  1. Proper education

A lose education system is not the fault of the student, rather the educator. The system should be improved or revolutionized to equip the youth to achieve.



  1. Support

The job market in Kenya has diversified and white collar jobs are not the only ones available. Employment in the art industry too has grown but not much support or recognition. Musicians, designers (fashion, interior and graphic), Disc Jockeys, Event organizers, Chefs, Dancers/Acrobats, Actors, Artists and Writers mostly have to settle for pay that is less than their work’s worth.  Support and respect for these occupations should be the same as for others.


  1. Less intoxication, more saving

Many youth have adapted alcoholism and drug abuse. Indulge if you may but do not over-indulge, it drains your body and your accounts. In your youth take time to make investments and save before you have a family and even more bills to pay.



  1. Opportunities

After you attain your degree, you apply for a job and according to the qualifications you are the perfect for the job, except for one thing; you do not have the 5years experience that they asked for. Studying daily 8 a.m. -5p.m. at a university does not exactly leave time for you to work a job. Even if you could, they’ll ask for experience that you do not have. Corporates as well as the government should give more opportunities in this area.




  1. Mentorship and empowerment

Older people in some leadership positions complain that youth are reckless in decision making but there are few that are interested in grooming the youth for leadership. The youth are shot down more often than they are motivated. A wide population of youth are killed or arrested for being involved in crime. Sometimes this is merely false accusation. Rehabilitation is less of an option as opposed to cruel punishment.

  1. To read more, surf less

Reading culture is not widely embraced in Kenya but it is one of the things Kenyans on Twitter thought the Kenyan Youth need to do as opposed to being online all the time giving people updates on their lives.


  1. To stop valuing being Team Mafisi

KOT thought that Kenyan youth should value women and treat them well as opposed to be proud members of the Mafisi SACCO.


  1. Jesus!

A number of Kenyans on Twitter think that Kenyan youth need Jesus, that only He can save us.

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