Catholic University of Eastern Africa also known as CUEA is one of Kenya’s prestigious private universities that offers a number of courses, with law and commerce being the popular courses taken. The varsity is ranked among the top private varsities in Kenya and its surrounding regions. It just turned 32 years on September 3rd.

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  1. The church is really cultivated into the higher learning institution. There is no compulsory mass, as such. But on Thursdays at some point, the school stops all operations for mass. The varsity is evidently run by the Catholic Church and has only acquired a non priest vice chancellor recently by the name of Professor Mbai.
  2. The varsity is said to have the biggest library in East and Central Africa. The once upon a time Bishop McCauley Memorial Library was relocated to its todays ultra modern Pope VI Learning Resource Centre (LRC). The library won the Mkataba Award in 2013 for being rich in resourcefulness and promoting quality tertiary education.
  3. The higher learning institution hosts IBM Research centres.

Official Statement of CUEA’s Strict New Policy of Fee Payments

4. Mr. World Kenya 2016, Mr. Siaya County 2016 and Mr. CUEA 2014 Kevin Oduor Owiti is a third year student pursuing a degree in Business Management at the varsity. Kenya hasn’t had one like him since 2007.

5. The just ended Rio Olympics had a swimmer who represented the county. A first year student at CUEA Billy Scott Irakoze who is studying Commerce.

6. The varsity has no pool. Funny how the school has swimmers who go all the way to Rio, the irony

7. The sports department had hit a peak in 2013/2014. Various teams were performing exceptionally well especially the Rugby team. According to a student, he says this year they seem to be getting their footing again.

Catholic University (CUEA) Lift The Masaku 7s Main Cup

8. The hostel life is just like any other.  Hostels are school owned, mainly private. Being a Catholic school it comes with what do to and what not.

9. The student body is not as independent as the University of Nairobi SONU.

10. The students of CUEA used to party at Acacia and Park Place, as for now Rongai, Galleria, the Loop and Bongani Gardens are highly frequented by them.

CUEA alumni are happy people, if asked they say they would enroll again in a hear beat. The school has a really amazing restaurant at the student research Centre. And lots of cars in the parking area, some students with better cars than their lecturers. Lastly, yes you can’t enter CUEA with a skirt or dress above your knee.