10 Tips Every Lady Needs To Land the Guy Of Her Dreams

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(Last Updated On: January 21, 2015)

It is #FlirtyWednesday and we are about to tread on dangerous grounds. I honestly asked my guy what characteristics sealed the deal but he chose to say ‘kamuti’ which is utterly ridiculous…smh.

We are in a new age; where ladies are go-getters we see something and go after it. But sometimes you find yourself stuck, unsure of your next move or how to approach him. Well, I am no Steve Harvey but here are a few quick tips you can use to make potential reality.
1. Be confident
Confidence is a Shirley May fragrance on its own. Men find it sexy when you tend to have bigger balls so to speak. Being confident means you’re comfortable about who you are and how you look. Insecurity will just shun him away.
2. Be honest
Most people break up after a month simply because one or both of you had not been honest from the beginning. So no matter how painful the truth is…tell it. The last thing you need is to awaken love only to break it into pieces.
3. Smile
Some ladies just walk around carrying a lot of baggage. From past relationships, heartbreaks or disappointments. Stop living in the past and love in the moment. So smile, you never know who will fall in love with it.
4. Don’t try to hard
I think this is self explanatory. It’s essential that you stay true to yourself. Nobody wants a partner who has been pretending who they truly are from the word go. That is a definite recipe for disaster. So be yourself! Impress no one but yourself.
5. Smart conversation
When I say smart I don’t mean knowing about the stock market or having a political opinion per se. But atleast be sure about one topic of conversation. I mean talk about random stuff, men like their egos stroked but also liked to be challenged. So strike a balance, between compliments, asking questions and giving your opinion. Don’t talk too much, listen keenly and for the icing of the cake eye contact! /
6. No right moment…go for it
In this very confused generation where we believe everything we see and hear; we think there will be that one moment when the wind will catch your hair and the room will fall silent…blah blah. None of that will happen unless you’re in  front of a camera so snap out of it. Put fear aside and go ahead talk to the person of interest.
7. Presentation
If you know you’ll bump into him, dress up. I don’t necessarily mean short and tight, I mean clean, creative and comfy. Keep your style chic and simple. Keep a specific fragrance; men are VERY sensitive to scent and the height of attraction can defer by this factor.
8. Availability
Make time for the person of interest. It’s allowed but don’t let it get to a point of obsession that you find it necessary to spend every waking moment with him. Decline at least once if you have another engagement. This will allow the individual to realize that you have a life and that your activities don’t revolve around him but occasionally involve him.
9. Share ideas, likes and interests
In the beginning there are a lot of butterflies and you get nervous. Some faint and others simply can’t get a word out. Instead of panicking, simply share familiar ideas or talk about topics your familiar with. You will definitely find a common interest; school, group initiatives, music or movies. It all depends the environment you met at, use it to your favour.
10. Lower your expectations.

Many ladies have a problem with this point. They want the romance you have seen in Cuando Seas Mia and hoping rich Alejandro will notice you at Muthurwa market as you struggle to get into a matatu. Well life is no soap opera. To find the man of your dreams, you need to lower your expectations. Get to know a guy despite his lack of a six pack. As I have heard, one pack aint too bad.

Well that is it ladies, the ten tips to land your dream man. Hope you find all tips useful and applicable. If so, do let us know below.
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