The Kenyan currency have been undergoing refurbishment. The new coins and notes are now in circulation. During the Madaraka Day, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the new generation of bank notes.

This new notes will circulate alongside the older notes. Due to illicit financial floss of the 1000 notes in Kenyan economy, the CBK governor mentioned that all 1000 notes will be withdrawn.

Most Kenyans who are still holding the older 1000 note have up to 1st October 2019 to exchange their monies to the other currencies that will be available. Kenyans are also taught on how to know the original note from fake notes.

Features of the New Notes

  •  Each note has different features.
  • You can feel and touch the numbers
  • People with disability have lines to touch and guide them
  • All bank notes bear the image of KICC


You can watch the video below and share your views on the new notes.