Nairobi speaker, Beatrice Elachi addresses the public on live television saying that she has a sickness that forces her to travel using first class only. She claims that if she goes with 2nd class she can find herself in dangerous situations like being carried with an ambulance.

“It’s unfortunate that I will have to talk today about my medical condition I have had even in the senate. Because of that medical condition and that is why I never used to travel a lot because of my condition which I do not want to talk about it, but even in the senate they would pay (First Class tickets) because of my condition.”

Beatrice Elachi added that it’s not because of prestige, because even business class is prestige.

“So it is a condition that when I do not fly (First Class) sometimes when you arrive you find yourself being carried by an ambulance ”,

she added.

Here is the video:

Kenyans are left shocked and are wondering what medical condition is that, that can make a person only travel with first class plane.