Sonko spoke about this on Saturday when he was addressing the public on a third anniversary of his late father Gideon Kioko at Machakos County. Sonko is one man who doesn’t have chills when he talks about other people. He says things as they are with no apologies.

He said,

“Lastly, people have been talking about the Sharon issue with fear; the main suspect here is my fellow governor Okoth Obado, shame on you! shenzi kabisa.”

Governor Okoth Obado has been involved in a scandal of a university student who was brutally murdered and the governor was involved in the scandal. The girl was also pregnant at the time and the governor was allegedly the one responsible. The investigations are still being done and the governor has been questioned.

Sonko went in on this issue and criticizes the governor for not using a condom. He said,

“The postmortem was done and it indicated that Sharon was stubbed 6 times in the stomach because the governor told her to do abortion and she refused why didn’t you use a condom? Shame on you.”

Here is the video;