President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to address the nation today about the ongoing crisis and confusion surrounding the 16% VAT added on petroleum products.

This is after he yesterday rejected the Finance Bill 2018 which would have seen the VAT that has been widely opposed pushed back at least for the next two years. The rejection of the bill by the president has since seen Speaker Justice Muturi call MPs for a special sitting on Tuesday and Thursday to go through the matter again and try to come up with a solution.

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That means in the meantime fuel prices will remain high until an agreement on the same has been reached. The VAT was first implemented earlier this month with fuel prices going as high as Ksh 130 for a liter of petroleum and a liter of diesel going for around Ksh115.

All eyes have been on the president who many thought was going to save them from incurring extra costs concerning the same but it seems not.

Meanwhile word has it that if the 16% is not going to be implemented then there will no longer be free primary education and other free services may also be scrubbed.