Migori County boss Okoth Obado has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his now dead girlfriend Sharon Otieno.

Obado denied any involvement with the murder before Judge Jessie Lessit. Following Judge Lessit’s directives, the governor will be detained at the Industrial Area Remand Prison until his bail application is heard on Tuesday.

The governor who was arrested on Friday has been trending on social media for spending the last three days in jail living like any other common mwananchi would. According to the mainstream media, the governor has been eating Ugali and sukuma wiki for the last three days as there was no special treatment for him in the cell.

He also slept on the cold floors and you know for a governor to be belittled that much one can only imagine how those three days have been like for him. The guy who is often spotted in suits and matching shirts and ties is said to have been wearing grey pajamas, a grey t-shirt, a grey hood and green slippers by the time the star visited the cells.

Politicians are known to live large so when the news broke out, it was all over the media. However, Kenyans online seem to think he deserves even worse than that as so far many have been made to believe he was directly linked to the brutal murder of Sharon.

All eyes are the court now as the family of the deceased and many Kenyans want to see if justice will be served.