When Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora first came together to form The Kansoul, they were one of the most celebrated Kenyan boy bands almost taking a second place after Sauti Sol chucking hit after hit.

Then slowly by slowly they started losing grip of the game they were almost controlling, then Kid Kora left the group before he decided to come back again later. As a result of trying to still remain afloat, they have now ended up doing more collabos and unfortunately some of these collabos are only making them loose some more fans.

Collabo after Collabo

Say for example the latest of the collabos titled “Whine Machin,” In most cases for a song to be a hit, either the beat, the vocals or the message one has to be catchy enough but in these case I think they went wrong on all the areas.

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With nothing much going on with the instrumental, these guys also lacked content with Mejja repeating the words “She’s a whine machine” for the whole hook. Shoddy work on the verses by two new artists we barely now much about and a video that starts with a 1min 16 seconds intro of an unnecessary phone call between Madtraxx and Assassin.

This is not a song I would listen to twice but surprisingly they actually claimed it and uploaded it on Madtraxx YouTube channel. So far it has only gained slightly over 41,000 views on YouTube and as compared to their previous hits, then this is a miss.

Looking at their trend this year, this is clearly why the fans are no longer feeling them like they used to and most of them weren’t afraid of telling them on the comment section. Many fans including myself miss the old Mejja, Madtraxx was also doing quite well in his solo career and Kid Kora can just back to producing for all we care.

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