SEENeedless to say,the life of the average university student is that of a strained economic budget.
You realize that many students survive on a budget of about 100sh daily.How? Thats the million dollar question right? Relax,as I break it down for you.

1.The ‘dieter’
This student acts like he/she is on a diet,choosing to forego either one or  two of the recommended three meals in a day.Basically,the whole point is to cut down on the cost and what better way to do that than skip a meal?

2.The visitor
This student is rather tactful and a great schemer.He/she is a ‘parasite’ who is not reluctant to grab any opportunity that knocks to spend another students money.He invites himself over for meals especially at lunch time to avoid spending his money.

3.The husband
This are the campus guys who have girlfriends within the school.All they have to do is call their girlfriends who are rather loyal and more willing to cook unlike them and tell them to cook meals and snap!its done!

4.The Mess-er
This student is a frequent višitor to the students mess.The subsidized prices are attractive to any student who does not have a lot of money at their disposal.There is also a wide variety of meals to choose from ranging from chapati to ugali to rice or mukimo,therefore most študents especially ón-campus,fall in this category.

Therefore my fellow students,i know yóu can now tell in which category you fall,unless of course,yours is not a 100sh bob affair!!