10/10 with Brayotieno

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2014)

Varcity : What is Brayotieno ?
Brayo : – If a picture is worth a thousand words then Brayotieno is a photography house that aims at telling a story through portrayed in each and every image created.


Varcity :  What does Brayotieno do?
Brayo : Starting up the photography house would have been described as a jack of all trades but it has since evolved to focus on fashion,people and architecture photography.

Varcity :  How did Brayotieno come to be?
Brayo : Brayotieno was and still is the brainchild of a creative,someone who I’d say wasn’t content with words and chose to focus with pictures.
Varcity : Describe your journey and the future for Brayotieno.
Brayo : The journey has never been easy.Obvious resistance from close people since the arts have not been as much appreciated as much as they should be locally ,the cost of procuring personal gear has also been a challenge.On the future I’d say the sky is our landing base.Watch this space and you’ll sure be surprised at the leaps we’ll have taken.

Varcity :  Whats your commentary on the Kenyan scene as regards Photography?
Brayo : The art is alive and its growing in leaps and bounds as people are finally getting to appreciate quality,plus we have some of the best in the field.Ben Kiruthi , Evans of Dims Media , Armstrong Too to mention just but a few that I have learn’t a great deal from.

Varcity :  Who are the faces behind Brayotieno?
Brayo :The naming is first an adaptation of Brian Otieno, a Professional Photographer and Psychology student who also doubles up as a poet who also works with partner firms to give the best out of everything.


Varcity : What is Photography to you Brian?
Brayo :To me it is that which brings me inner peace,a way for me to tell mine or someone else story without using words.I am but a storyteller and the images I create help convey my message.
Varcity :  What would you say has impacted most on your photography career?
Brayo : Up to this moment social media has played a big role as it through such networks that I market myself of I source my clients.The support from friends and family has also gone a long way coupled with referral projects have also worked a greater part in ensuring I stay relevant in the course of my art.
Varcity :  If you were not doing photography ,what would you be doing?
Brayo :Taking photographs hahaVarcity : Parting shot?
Brayo : “The warmer the bed,the colder the future” Get up,dress up and show up.Dreams don’t come true on silver platters

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