We live we crave for all we can have;
Tried all we could but we still starve;
Starving of a life of serenity, purity, clarity, sincerity & prosperity;
Only God knows until when;
Shall the problems of His children wane;
Told the world isn’t grandma’s kitchen;
No mercy no comfort it’s got;
I agree it’s a cycle & curves without an offer of comfort;
One day it shall curve back to offer justice;
Justice to those who deserve the chance;
We believe, hustle and struggle;
To get God’s blessings lies not in gods;
He is supreme His blessings so unique we don’t google;
In all adversities we pain and cry;
That someday we’ll smile and fly;
The future holds hope for the deserving;
Justice to their hope it’ll be serving;
Yes brother yes sister it’s soon;
Keep the faith it’s coming soon;
Toil out, petition your blessings;
If the bird without food security sings;
Aren’t you than the birds;
God has it in plan;
Guaranteed if you deserve it;
For when all hell is over;
All will be well.


By Mmera Maxwel Ayera