Education CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i has warned that unchartered universities may face closure. He specified that 12 universities would be inspected in the near future and those that have broken any rules would be shut down.

“Some universities operating on Letters of Interim Authority are violating rules governing their accreditation. We have also noted governance weaknesses and mismanagement of resources, including financial and human resources, in some of the institutions,” he said. “While this state of affairs was synonymous with public universities, it is disheartening to observe that private universities have equally joined the band wagon. I guarantee you that you will soon be witnessing revocation of accreditation status and rationalisation of the existence of some of these universities.”

He also mentioned that several universities had already been tagged for closure and others had downsized so they could operate better. The inspection will be done so as to ensure high quality of education in universities. He has also encouraged students to analyze their lectures’ performance and give the relevant people feedback. He said too that some private universities were struggling to survive because of mismanagement of funds and other resources and poor leadership.