I had an interesting chat with the current Miss UoN Parky, Carolynn Waithera. Here are some facts you may not not know about this beautiful lass.

  • Her nickname is and may still be Sanchez
  • Competing for the pageant was more of a dare to self!
  • On a scale of 1-10, she thinks she’s at 9 in reference to being approachable.
  • Her checklist when it comes to dating includes: tall, really smart, good personality, and a bit buff.
  • She wouldn’t date a short guy… maybe same height but definitely not shorter. I agree she’s tall and it’s not a discriminative decision.
  • She’s dating…so fellas admire from afar but keep your paws off!
  • She doesn’t believe in beauty regiments. So for all those wondering; yes she is naturally beautiful without fair and lovely or skin lightening.
  • She had a blonde moment when I asked her about Camay… which makes her legally blonde… smh
  • However, she is faithful to cocoa butter lotion be it, Palmer’s or Vaseline.
  • She chose lipstick as her favorite fashion item. Specifically, Clarion or Mac number 15.
  • She once tried color clashing and didn’t like it one bit. It was too bright for her taste.
  • She also tried an afro weave once… let’s just say it didn’t work out.
  • Her role model is Justice Kaplana Rawal. For those who aren’t familiar with the name: She’s the first female to start her own law firm. If you still have the likes of Rihanna as your role model you may need to rethink your life…no offense.