kuon t the 5th of March, 2014 was the 40 days of two suspected thugs who were in a group of three who have been harassing students. According to the KUSA Chairman-Lone Felix the group who had pistols were harassing students along the K.U–Kahawa-Sukari stretch, threatening to snatch away their prized possession. Reports also indicate that the two who were burnt near the school Main gate are not by any chance students of the said institution as it was earlier alleged. This comes in a wake of series of robbery cases that had rocked the institution in the recent past, and the mostly affected are the students who reside out of the campus premises.

This incident has happened a day before the Office of the Students President had convened a forum of the non-residence at the School’s Amphitheatre to discuss issues of non-residents security. The meeting will see in attendance Government Security Agencies, The University Management, University Security Directorate, Hostel Owners and Students who do not reside within the Campus and create a lasting solution together.

All Students are urged to attend the meeting at the Amphitheatre and help build a lasting solution to the Insecurity in and outside the campus.

Written By: Stephen Mathews

Twitter: @MasterSteve_

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