When you ask most people that question they will start going back and forth about things they won’t get to do because the ideas they have are far fetched or clearly too far out of the box…. Well.. Am not like that… What am about to share is my list.. Non-hypothetical and not cornerstoned on a fantasy kind of world.. Brace yourself 😀

  1. Live

Actually live till am 20…or otherwise this list wouldn’t make any sense now, would it??

  1. Prove myself

Finish school… I am so ready to get my degree… I live for the day I will get to tell my form 2 class teacher, who told me I’m not going anywhere in this lifetime, to SUCK IT!!!! (pardon my French)

  1. Get that pay cheque

Get a job… I’m tired of having to depend on a paycheck that’s not actually mine and in most cases; gets split into so many parts that the amount I get is almost nill.. By the way… Get me right.. I want a job doing something I love..Its selfish and I’m spoilt. Deal with it! B-)

  1. Move out!

Get my own place… My palace if you may. My place my rules so that I finally have my privacy, my chosen guests and moreover the ability to freely reject unwanted company (read visitors from the interior ‘ushago’)

  1. Challenge myself (read scare myself)

I love music!!! To the moon and back.Although I firmly believe I’m the next Keri Hilson *girl crush* I am far more shy than courage the cowardly dog. But it’s about time I made a bold move.. So my no 5 is going for singing auditions.. Fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  1. Self-realization

All the greats brag of going on a journey of self discovery… Although Google hasn’t given me a lead on what that is yet… I’m sure I will figure it out on time and do it 🙂

  1. Learn to drive

You cannot cross a bridge if you don’t know how to walk.. My bridge is getting a car. So no 7 is going for driving lessons so that I can finally put my NFS driving skills to the ultimate test. Call it a leap of faith 😉

  1. Embrace and archive

You can never see how far you’ve come unless you know what your past and present are like. I would like to brag to myself sometime in the future and in order to do that; I will need to build a time capsule filled with pictures and thoughts of my current life. To be opened in a later time of-course

  1. Learn a thing or two…

If its free, someone else paid for it.. My school offers so many free lessons in areas I could really make use of taekwondo classes; A girl has got to defend herself these days. Besides I can lose weight and keep fit at the same time. No 9 is attending and excelling at it..High five anyone??

  1. Enjoy every moment

I have my whole life ahead of me.. I should be smart about my choices and such. Not hurry anything or rushing through life or this bucket list.. Furthermore, it will guarantee that you watch out for my next post.. So no 10 will finish this list.. Sue me:-) love me… but I’m out.

The lady in the red dress 😉