This kid presents a very compelling argument. The topic? Can he have a cupcake? Which is probably one of the greatest debate topics of the 21st century. Because seriously, can we all have a cupcake?

So this three-year-old kid thinks he should have a cupcake for dinner, and the woman he’s arguing with, his mom (we think?) Linda (you will hear her name in the video a lot), does not think he should have a cupcake for dinner. You’d think that that situation should be: “Sorry, kid. You can’t have a cupcake. End of story.” But nope. This adorable little boy wants to talk it out.

He’s speaking kid language, so most of the time we can’t quite understand him, but there is something about getting “pow pows on your butt” (or spanking), something about his friend Kevin and something about asking grandma for cupcakes. But the absolute best part about this video is how many times this kid says “Linda, listen!” and “Linda, look!” over and over again. It’s the best.

Sorry, scratch that. The best thing ever is when he calls Linda “honey.”

Kids are awesome.

(H/T Buzzfeed)