RISERise Of an Empire: The digital seas run red with digital blood in this parallel-time sequel to 2007’s gory megahit. Eva Green (Casino Royale) plays Artemisia, a Greek-born, Persian-trained commander whom the actress calls ”a tough warrior with a traumatizing past.” Artemisia’s lust for vengeance — Green trained with a double sword for the movie’s fight scenes — motivates Persian lord Xerxes (returning 300 star Rodrigo Santoro) to attack the Greeks. During that battle, Artemisia meets Athenian general Themistokles (Strike Back‘s Sullivan Stapleton) — who, this being a 300 movie, boasts great abs. Expect sparks and R-rated blood to fly!


Release Date: Mar 07, 2014;

Rated: R; Genre: Action/Adventure; With: EVA GREEN and RODRIGO SANTARO;

Distributor: Warner Bros.