4-1-1! Kanye Versus Wiz.


On Tuesday rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa had an online feud which sparked from Kanye’s decision to change the name of his album from “Swish” to “Waves.”

Wiz fired back saying that “Waves” is a hip-hop term for another rapper’s style-Max B, who’s currently in prison.


Kanye West definitely didn’t hold back and unleashed a series of tweets lashing out on Wiz Khalifa.

kanye 7th

kanye 8th

He went to the extent of saying that Wiz was trapped by a stripper (Amber Rose) and he owns his child.

kanye 10th

kanye 14th

Kanye almost went wild when the paparazzi questioned him on the matter asking if he thought he went too far.

He later apologized to the journalist as well as pulled down the tweets. He also stepped off a bit by tweeting the following;

kanye 23rd

kanye 26th

Back-handed slap! What do you think about this beef? Tell us below.