The 4 Best Campuses To Go To After KCSE


#KCSE2015Results are out and now is the time to scramble for the place that will determine your whole life course.

The following are the top uni’s you can go to:


It is only natural to dream about the experience you can have from one of Africa’s best Universities. The University of Nairobi speaks volumes for any Kenyan student who has just completed their high school education. The school holds a strong reputation on the courses it offers, its professors and the remarkable graduates who change the world after their degrees. The university has produced some of those that society looks up to from music, politics, business, education etc. The late Prof. Wangari Mathai, Wahu, Peter Kenneth, Iman Abdulmajid are just a few of those who are proud products of UON.

UoN student heading to class