4 Colours you need to spice up your wardrobe

  1. Purple

This is the color of royalty and does well for people in any shade.  It isn’t too bold or too dull and anyone. Male or female would feel comfortable wearing this.



  1. Turquoise

The color of the sea which is quite elegant brings out curves in a lady and also looks fabulous on T-shirts and other men’s clothing.

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  1. Olive Green

This neutral nature bound colour goes very well with any other color. It’s an easy match and is easy on the eyes.



  1. Red

This is makes someone come out as a bold individual. However one is advised not to wear red during a negotiation or confrontation. It attracts attention, stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. If you are looking to woo people, this is definitely for you.

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Try these colors and enjoy your sem!