1. Freedom is good, but it can also be a bad thing

One great thing about campus is that you’re finally your own boss. You can decide when to get up and when to go to bed, what and when to eat, and how hard to work in your academics. No more strict rules but your fate are in your hands. don’t be surprised if freedom takes some adjustment, and you’re one of the many people whose lives must descend into unwell, penniless, disorganized chaos before reaching a happy, independent state.

2. When most people get to University their focus shifts to cultivating their social media profiles

You can listen to this talk of essays, lectures, society and the world of work but get to know that most people forget about all that once they join campus.

Ladies will spend a lot of time either being photographed, practicing your ‘im having a great time while somehow managing to look very composed’ face in the mirror, ready for the moment when you will be photographed.

indeed, everything anyone claims to do in the university is an elaborate excuse to attend events at which they will be able to take pictures to upload on their social media in order to get more following.

3. Your money will run out fast

During the first weeks of the semester, you will be very extravagant. Going out every weekend, eating expensive food off- campus but wait till your upkeep runs out forcing you to make the order of the day sipping leftover soda or warm water with ‘KDF’ or noodles. Spend your money wisely and you will survive this wrath.

4. Students want housing that has easy access to the things they care about

Proximity to campus is important, as well as a property that has modern amenities and is close to shopping and restaurants. This is of particular importance to students who do not own a car and must walk, use a bike or take public transit to get around.