So today at jumia there are some crazy deals, all because it’s Jumia Santa day.

1.Samsung Madness

I agree with the madness part of it. A Samsung S5 is going at the price of Ksh 49, 000. Most phones are at a discount of almost 50%. If you’ve been meaning to buy a phone, this is the place to shop.

2. Electronic Flash  sale

The electronic flash sale is a haven for all shopaholics. The deals are only within the hour. Currently, the Galaxy S5 is at Ksh 40,000 in that section. Iphone 6 is at Ksh 80,000 from the initial Ksh 100,000. There was an I pad mini that was going for Ksh38,000 that has sold out. TV, home theatres, camera, PS3 console and Power banks (Ksh 500). Check more deals here.

3.Fashion Flash sale

Now ladies, I know you’ll love this. There’s a 50% discount on trendy heels within this hour. The next hour is on jewellery. It’s a flash sale so stock ends before the end of the hour allocated for the items. Check the deals here at a price of  Ksh 1,000 upwards.

4. HP crazy offers

HP have impressive laptops. There’s an offer on a mini-pavillion at Ksh 25,000 which is literally a throw away price. Check them out here.

Have you shopped at Jumia?