Students in Universities are creative in finding ways to support the idea of having a party on campus. There will always be a reason, a genuine reason when a party is being planned in any University in Kenya. From graduation after parties to the simple birthday parties, students will blow anything party related out of proportion. A party develops like any other event and these are the four stages one goes through:

  1. Phase 1

This is the initial stage of every campus party in Kenya. Phase 1 involves students checking out the venue and finally going into the hall or club the party is being held. This stage has less details because the student mind is always excited about the idea.

2. Scoping stage


Students who are first timers love this stage. Scoping involves looking around to find familiar faces or other students you could roast afterwards depending on what you see them doing. Most party goers on campus love partying in groups maybe for security reasons or low self-esteem.

3. Ratchetness

This is the climax of any campus party. All hell breaks loose at this stage! The alcohol and all related supplements get exhausted and the party animal within takes center stage. All dance moves, shouting and drunken falls come into play.

The music selection is top notch and every student at this point wants to show off. Bottles on bottles, girls on guys, the party lights up.

4. Finale

After vigorous body shaking, students get exhausted and at this stage start looking for means to get back to bed. The alcohol or drug influence is probably wearing off due to the 3 am cold.

The Dj at this time normally plays Reggae music to leave the lonely dread heads shaking their heads. The music slowly dies off and most guys, who are always the majority on the dance floor at this stage, sneak out into their hostels.