The middle distance runner who specializes in 1500meters race, Asbel Kiprop has been trending for the past few days for all the wrong reasons. In May he was tested positive for the banned performance enhancing substance (epo) and currently the athlete has been trending as a controversial video surfaced online with his sidechic.

In the video, the athlete is seen moving his waist in a seductive manner together with the unidentified woman. The two go on to share a passionate kiss and the reactions from netizens were that of an outraged lot.

  1. Her name is Nancy Chepsiya and a budding politician

2. She at one time vied for a seat as an MCA for Sergoit ward in last year’s general election

3. She is married to Asbel Kiprop’s close friend who goes by the name Henry Rotich.

4. She tried committing suicide after the raunchy photos and video surfaced online by taking a poisonous substance.

Sorry Nancy, you will just have to live with the consequence of your actions.