The queen of rap is back, bigger and I’m better. I’m talking about American female rapper Nicki Minaj who finally dropped one of the most anticipated albums this year, titled “Queen”.

After changing the album’s release dates a couple of times she finally released it abruptly on Friday. Word has it that one of the reasons for the abrupt release was to avoid a sabotage by her own mother who was set to do a ‘tell all’ interview considering the fact that the family has been going through a tough time now that the rappers brother is in Jail for sexual misconduct.

“Queen” features other high profile artists from different genres of music such as her current boyfriend Eminem, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, The Weekend, Swae Lee, Foxy Brown and Future.

The album in general is actually a good project that’s likely to bring her back the glory that was somehow beginning to fade out. However we have this song that has been trending more than the rest since the album dropped, “Barbie Dreams”.

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In this song Nicki Minaj dropped some fire bars on a beat that was sampled from The Notorious B.I.G’s song “Just Playing (Dreams)”.

The original song by B.I.G was about his attraction to R&B singers and therefore Nicki’s version follows the same criteria as she raps about male artists and athletes that are always trying to bed her and of course some that have already done it.

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While she came out to say she is not beefing with any of the people she mentioned on the song, it definitely seems like she is beefing with Quavo’s ex-girlfriend Kerrueche tran and DJ Khalid for saying he wouldn’t give any female “oral” including his own wife.

The album is available for streaming and downloading on different online sites such as apple music and iTunes.