Biology is always an interesting subject until it gets to the part where things start turning into nuclear weapons. Sex is a topic that we can never escape and when it comes to sexual organ sizes we might write an entire thesis on it! There are men who are ‘blessed’ and by that I mean they have packages that look like they grew up near a power plant!

Science has brought many ways to solve issues but let’s see this from the woman’s side. What do you do when your man is huge? Size does matter even though women hide it so that they don’t scare off men with tiny junks! What do you do when your man has a huge penis? Here are four things you should do as a lady:


We have all seen videos online that have been ‘educative’ in showing us how best to please your partner during sex. I will not call it Pornography if you have become an elite in foreplay. If your man is huge make sure you do a lot of it. Little handwork here and there, oral also does it. Be a vigilante so you fight his weapon of mass destruction!