Kenyans have always had an inbuilt thirst for adventure. I don’t mean the behind the doors type…relax I mean the out and about kind. We never have rent money but if a plot does show up so does the cash. However, sometimes we may have the money but no plot. So I decided to do a bit of research based on the internet…. friends and trends. Here’s what I found:


Capture Road Trip Ke

Now this account is unique and customised simply by how they choose the destination. It’s the people to decide. The beauty of it that it’s a bunch of strangers all seeking the same thing: to satisfy their spirit of adventure. Their motto “What happens on the trip stays on the trip”…


Capture Magical

Tourism being our major source of revenue, I’m proud to add this account to the list. It was a clever initiative by the Kenya Tourism Board to put up an online platform that educates in an interactive manner. This account gives reviews on locations in Kenya that you’d looooove!

Go places Kenya
Capture Go Places

Upcoming and legit. Go places Kenya is out to not only give reviews of what is happening and where but also give ideal offers on lifestyle costs. Be it on wine… a hotel promo offer or a discount offer. Hit their page up; you’ll probably find something unique for that special night whether its for family, friends or your better half.

Lindberg Holidays and Safaris Ltd

Capture Lindberg

There are some of you reading this and thinking, “I’ve already explored Kenya… I need more!”

 Keep calm we got you covered. LIndberg is the best account to follow to be in the know when it comes to discounted trip to other parts of the world. Either Egypt or Dubai or even further away in Europe. They’ ll keep you updated.. 🙂