Imagine lying in bed the morning after the Christmas Eve bash as you reconstruct the night. Oh right! Now you remember going from the first party to the second. You remember the drink that put you over the edge. And you barely remember ending up in a bedroom, your clothes falling away. Kweli jana kuliendaje?? To add insult, you still have the christmas bash that night and other events still happening. so many bashes, such little time. so how can you keep the pace so that you can make it to all these events without being to hangovered?

Here are four proven ways to keep yourself or the people you care about safe from the negative consequences of overdrinking especially this festive season.

1.  Sober Companion

We all need this person. Finding the designated driver is as important as anything. But what about all the other bad decisions you can make while drinking? The fact is, past a certain threshold, you can no longer trust yourself to make good decisions. A sober companion can not only be keeper of the car keys, but can help you know when it’s not okay to “just go upstairs for a couple minutes” or can help you see when that special someone is drunk past the point of being able to offer consent.


2. Stop Short of Blacking Out

By now you probably know your limit. If you know you’re prone to drinking until you pass out, there are many strategies you can use to control your drinking; take water breaks and choose to drink slowly. If these basic strategies fail to keep you from drinking until you black out, consider seeking help for your drinking problem before it results in real, irreversible consequences.


3. Stick Together

Even if your group doesn’t happen to include a sober companion, simply sticking together can help keep you safe from sexual consequences. When you move from one location to another, take a head count. You know that you wouldn’t want to be the person left behind and so you can make the decision as a group not to leave anyone behind. Groups generally take care of their drunkest members. If you’re on the giving end of helping to take care of your friends, expect to be on the receiving end of this care when you need it most.

group drinking

4. Know When to Doubt Your Decisions

Drinking makes your brain physically incapable of making good social decisions. With alcohol, you lose the ability to make judgments and just continually have shot after shot. It is important to know when it is time to go home. Alcohol impairs your judgements and so as to avoid waking up in a strange bed, find your sober companion or group of friends and get the heck out of there!


Other than that, turn up!! Have an amazing but safe, Christmas and New years.

Do you have any other pointers to avoid over drinking this festive season? Please comment below.