5 Most Annoying Types of Campus Girls To Take Out

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2017)

Our women adamantly complain about the lack of seriousness men portray when it comes to taking them out on dates. Listening to such rants one may be inclined to believe that the problem lies entirely with men, a total fallacy if you ask me. The next time a guy asks you out only to take you to a shady bar don’t be quick to admonish him. Sit back and reflect on how you acted during the previous date. Chances are that you are so annoying that the only way he can sit through the date is when he has his beer goggles on. The following are the 5 most annoying kinds of women to take out on a dinner date.

1) The pompous super woman

The modern woman that has successfully metamorphosed from her timid predecessors whose main role was bearing kids and taking care of their husbands to becoming the bread winners.


If there is anything a man can do, the new age woman can too, if not better. The unwritten rule is s that a man must foot the bill on the first date to show he is capable of providing for his future family, you can decide to go Dutch on subsequent dates but never the first. The superwoman not only insists on picking the tab she also offers to pay your cab fare back home.I have nothing against independent ladies if anything I find them to be quite irresistible. However, there is no need to blast a guy with your long list of accomplishments. We are amazed by how you graduated top on your class. Please don’t rub this in our face as it only makes us feel emasculated.Such women completely vanquish a man’s ego and erode his sense of self-worth.

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