Technology plays a major role in any young person’s life. Here are some applications which are all available on Google Play that can enhance your smartphone experience:

  1. WPS

If you have no laptop to do your assignments from or read you note then this is the app for you. You can create everything from documents to PDFs to presentations using power point. You can also read novels using this application.

  1. Zedge

If you simplicity is not your cup of tea, you can use this app to get cool wallpapers and ringtones just to keep your gadget a little more lively.

  1. Google Scholar

Let’s face it, the internet is the most accessible and widest modern research tool. Instead of using google to do your assignments and using Wikipedia and a reference, use google scholar.

You can find numerous articles here and solid references for your work.

  1. Google Keep

This app is key in helping one to keep organized. You can write To do lists on this, shopping lists, your class notes, journal or anything important you would like to note down.

It comes with features which allow you to add drawings and images and even share with friends and back up all this information on google drive.

  1. My calendar

This comes in handy for girl students. It helps you keep track of your menstrual flow. It alerts you if you’re late and even indicates the days when your fertility days.

The best thing is that one cannot tell what it is even if they go through your phone.