We are Kenyans,and as Kenyans we are prone to lie when late to a meet-up.eeh…niko hapo muthurwa..ata nakuona…only to show up 30 mins later with a broad smile and a fake excuse. I also do that-advance apologies to all my dates-its like an identity we have. Well today I want to make sure this legacy lives on. Lying 101 clearly states you can’t lie to if he/she already knows the truth, that’s just plain dumb. So am here to give you a list of apps that can track your every move, thus catch you as you lie about your locations.Yes,they can also work in your favor…it’s a double edged sword, beware of your choice.

Connect: This is an app exclusively for iphone and ipads.It can follow your main tricks, side tricks, exes, crushes and parents all at the click of a button hey don’t even need to have the app!!spoiler, it uses their social media apps to track them. Trick or tracker: This one sends alerts to your phone if the person you’re tracking goes beyond a certain region, and it sends their location every 15 minutes. Phone tracker: it is especially built for families and employers who want to track their employees during work hours. it shows their movements in the recent 24 hours and can also be customized to show their speeds.

Top spy app: This is the Christmas of all apps; it shows call logs, messages, contacts, photos, videos, social networking and even browser history. Now the bad part is that it has a disclaimer. You have to notify the other party that you’re monitoring them. Real time gps tracker: Tracks your movements and allows you to share them with your loved ones. Boosts trust in a way doesn’t it??

By Vix.