Yes. Boy or girl, every campus kid should know how to cook basic meals. Despite continuous talks about how women are of more value if they can cook, I think putting together a basic meal is something everyone should be able to do. After campus when you move out of your parents’ nest you may not be able to eat out all the time so if you can’t cook, now isn’t a bad time to start learning.

2.Fixing your own clothes
Do not be those people who toss away a shirt or blouse simply because a button is loose or lost or there is a hole through it. Knowing how to use a needle and thread can really come in handy and save you in case your cloth rips in a place where you cant change your outfit.

Especially if you are thrift shopping, bargaining is something you will have to learn how to do in order to survive in university. This in the long run will prevent you from spending beyond your means.

4.Putting together a good resume
By your third year you will be required to work and to get work you have to submit a well-put together resume. A simple one wont cut it; it has to be attractive, brief yet informative. You want to look as good as possible on your resume. It should be able to stand out among many especially because most employers do not go through all the ones that get submitted for one round of application.
Here is a link that can guide you on writing a good resume.


5. Being fluent
Whether English or Swahili, you should be conversant and fluent in at least one language. By the time you are in campus you should learn how to express yourself and air our views in a manner that is well understood. Good communication skills are a plus everywhere you go.