On campus, your fashion sense is either hot or not. The flair for fashion among campus students is second to none. This is where you are free to try out new stuff, be adventurous with your body and ultimately your outfits. However, some people can walk past you and make you cringe; more of a feeling like someone just fed you bitter lemon peels. While I am no Donatella Versace, I believe I can tell the difference between a fashion hit and a miss.

Here are my top five fashion no no’s;

1. Too much make-up

Your face is the first point of contact for anyone who wants to approach you. However, ‘caking’ it up and ‘drawing out stuff’ kills your first impression. How someone wakes up and decides to have all their eyebrows chopped off, yes, I used chopped, is still a case to the Supreme Court. So instead of walking around looking like a moose, they decide to play God and redraw their eyebrows, tsk! Wait, it gets worse, the eyebrows are drawn dramatically, so the person walks around with a ‘surprised’ expression on their face. How now? A while back, a light-skinned classmate decided to make our day when she cut off all her eyebrows. When she woke up and realized that she had misplaced her black eye pencil, she decided purple is the new black. Again, how now? Don’t get me wrong having your eyebrows trimmed is important; I mean you don’t want to be confused with a bush man. So if you’re going to do it, do it right, proceed with moderation.

Secondly, I thought we had left the face painting to the children at Uhuru Park, but I don’t understand how a lady confuses make up with face paint, tsk. With makeup, less is always more, honey; we don’t want to confuse you with a ghost. I guess Drake had you in mind when he sang, ‘… without your makeup on, that’s when you’re prettiest.’ If make-up isn’t working for you, don’t even dare try or else you end up looking like the class clown, literally. BTW, it is not makeups, the child who was your English teacher?

make-up fail

2. Tights / stockings

I must admit, this is a really neat trend which, when worn right can make you a fashion killer. However, some people just wake up and decide to kill the trend. So please do consider your body type before struggling to get into those tights. However, the biggest criminals are those who wear torn, running tights. It’s just scary how someone decides to wear tights that are over 50% torn and still walk confidently, how now? Do you not see that we can tell what you have underneath those torn and running tights? I understand that maybe disaster hit and it got torn while waking up from those ugly class seats. So, if and when it’s torn, turn it into a nightie or even better cover your hair with it.

running stockings

3. Running heels

Like the name suggests, this is that pair of heels you just can’t tell whether the heel is straight or slanting. How the heels ended up having that funny ‘kashape’ or weird heel is a tale for another day. These are also the same pair of heels that look like they have drills or nails on the heel caused by years of torture. Most victims of this fashion no no end up walking like an injured giraffe or something more indescribable. So, if your mitumba heels start having this ‘kashape’ or suddenly alter your elegant walking style, don’t you think it’s time you let them go?

falling in heels

4. Officials and plastic shoes ‘planyes’

How someone decides to wear an official outfit with ugly, funny-colored plastic shoes is still a question even Google can’t answer. Then, they decide there is no better outfit than that ‘Kenya uniform’ skirt or trouser suit that they just bought. I understand your need to save the environment and recycle plastics but don’t you think this is a tad too far?

5. Shinny ‘moshino’suits

Has someone ever walked past you with a shinny suit that almost burnt your eyes? I was shocked to discover that these ‘mabati rolling’ or ‘moshino’ suits are actually expensive compared to most casual outfits. Honestly, I find these outfits so irritating and expensive for nothing. I believe that if these people decided to search a little more, they would find cheaper and better looking outfits.

Will Smith arrives at The David Letterman Show in New York City



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By Watiri