5 DIY Cool Sneaker Makeovers For Your Plain Kicks


You have had those plain sneakers in your shoe closet for a while and they are proving to be real boring. You want shoes that people notice and want to own!

Here are some cool ways to have a cool makeover and revive your kicks;

1. Ombre Sneakers 

Take them school sneakers to another level with this fun DIY project. They are so easy to make that I just couldn’t resist.


You Will Need

  1. Orange dye
  2. White cloth sneaker
  3. Baking soda
  4. Tooth brush

Remove the shoe laces. Dip the front of sneakers 1/3rd into the dye. Soak and spread it with an extra cloth piece. Hang it to dry. Clean soles later with a brush dipped into water and baking soda.

2. Go Print

Have a plain, single coloured pair of sneakers? Take them out; it is time to revamp them completely.


You Will Need

  1. Black marker
  2. Old newspaper
  3. Creative mind

Stuff the shoes with some old newspapers. Begin drawing  a print on your shoe making sure to have a steady hand. In the above picture they used a diamond shape pattern.

3. Neon Laces


To revamp your shoe while not completely overdoing it, you can replace its laces with these neon laces. Neon shades catch attraction even if there is a hint of it anywhere. This will give your sneakers a newer edge and you will definitely like it. You can even do it to your school shoes. You can find these laces at the nearest craft store or you can find them online.

4. Gold Studded


You Will Need

  1. Gold studs
  2. Gold spray paint
  3. Glue
  4. Scotch tape
  5. Old newspapers

Stuff your shoes with some old newspapers. Cover the sole with a scotch tape. Keep them on an opened newspaper. Spray with gold spray with your hands a little distant from the shoes. Let it dry. Add the studs with the glue to the shoe with equal spacing in between.

5. Add some lace


You Will Need

  1. Piece of lace
  2. Glue
  3. Brush
  4. Scissors
  5. Old newspapers

Get a piece of lace and stick on your shoe. Cut according to the design you want it to have.

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