5 Essential Questions When Looking For The Perfect Roommate


Maybe you shared a room with a sibling all through your childhood. Your side of the room that would never be crossed, the allocation of a number of shelves and a cleaning schedule that was revised almost daily especially when one wasn’t abiding by the rules.

But now life happens. The scariest thing, moving out. Leaving behind comfort, happiness and a once upon a time heaven, all in the name of growing up to become independent. Now comes the tricky part, who will you share the next four years of your life??!

  1. Are you on the same financial scale? A split rent, equal amounts to be paid. If it is a single room with an inbuilt bathroom or a two bedroom flat, the rent is to be shared equally. Private hostels may require an individual to personally handle their rent, like those hostels in Ngara. 
  2. Do we enjoy the same eating habits? You could move in with someone who eats so much, so little, junk, organic food, and vegan. It is not as easy as it may sound. Compromising could always be the solution but not easy. When shopping for food and house stuff, its important you are both on the same page.
  3. How clean are they? Moderate clean, not clean at all or those extreme clean freaks that you can’t stand. No one likes a dirty person, like there is no justification for that. This goes hand in hand with laziness. A roommate who still says “I will wash the dishes eight days later” is a no, no. A hostel may not be as spacious, this makes it impossible not to be clean.
  4. Do your personalities mesh? The low-key and the open book. Maybe you are the type to unwind by reading a book or watch a series all night. Or that person who is loud, parties a lot and always has company over. Again compromise and maybe a mutual understanding presents a solution. This also touches on the noise factor, snoring can be annoying and bringing guests over. Who buys food for the guests and how long are they planning to stay.
  5. Would we share the same free time activities? What does you roommate like? Does it affect what you like or are they in coordination. Maybe your roommate is an evening student, while you take day classes. Does he/she go for games before class, go home for the weekend. This information helps you plan number 4, if you are that person who likes company over.

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