The name Philomena Mwilu has somehow become a house hold name by now not only for being a part of the seven bench judges that annulled the 2017 presidential by election results but also for currently being linked to corruption and tax evasion cases.

The mother of three was earlier this week arrested and arraigned in court making many that probably didn’t know much about her wonder who she really is.

Here I five facts that you probably didn’t know about her;

  1. She was among the seven judges that annulled the 2017 presidential election.

Starting with the obvious one, Justice Mwilu was among the seven judges that ruled on the controversial 2017 presidential election.

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  1. She failed in her class seven exams.

The deputy Chief Justice didn’t necessarily have the best of upbringing as she lost her father at a young age, something that somehow led her to failing in her class seven exams. That clearly shows how hard she has had to work to be able to reach to the levels she has reached in life.

  1. She is the wife to Amos Wako.

Justice Mwilu is legally married to Busia Senator Amos Wako through a customary marriage.

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  1. She is not new to her field of Work.

Mwilu has been practicing law for the last 32 years so she definitely has a lot of experience in her field of work

  1. She is a mother of three.

Apart from being a lawyer, a judge and a wife, she is a mother to three kids. However, not much about them is known to the media.