Life as a student can be pretty rough. We want almost everything, everything we sometimes cannot afford. So here are the top five places within the CBD where you can shop for cheap:


Some people call it G-stores, this is one of the places to shop for cheap and quality clothing, bedding and even household items. The trick with this place though is that you have to fish and search. You don’t always get what you are looking for. Sometimes you land on something even better. It’s a game of chance.


Those who live in the hostels would need household items like mugs for breakfast, cutlery, carpets and other stuff just to make you place more homely. Sometimes these items are not cheap but at Kamukunji you can get household items as well as foodstuff at wholesale prices. You can save a lot of cash by shopping here.

Dubois Road

Every girl loves her accessories, shops on Dubois road, past Commercial will give you a variety of products from oils, to make-up, to hair products, to sun hats, everything is cheap down that road. However, beware of counterfeits, always be sure to read the back of very product you purchase. This place is cool but it needs a keen eye.

Embrahim’s Supermarket

They say their products are tax free, which I cannot assure you of, but if you are looking for household items, cosmetics but are too lazy to go to Kamukunji ior G-stores, then this is the place for you. It is located on Moi Avenue opposite MKU Towers.

River Road

From household items to electronics to underwear, River road has everything. This is another place where one should beware of counterfeits but it really does offer everything and is pocket friendly. There are various shops that sell braids for very cheap as well as bras, panties and boxers both new, and of good quality. Hawkers also arrange clothes on the sidewalks if you aren’t up to the task of getting to Gikomba. This place is pretty convenient.