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Who do you blame? the lecturers or the students, in the tertiary universities especially the private ones, girls, instead of learning prefer to have good grades the easy way and lectures also fall for these temptations.
According to The New Crusading Guide Newspaper,
Five lecturers of African University College of Communications, a private media institution in the Greater Accra Region have reportedly been asked to pack bag and baggage and proceed on leave over an explosive sex scandal that has cast a shadow on the image of the institution.
Amongst the five is a female lecturer who is believed to have been in the known and a suspected confidant of one of the culprits since the case began as rumour on their Adabraka campus.
The action is to allow the university management complete investigations into the matter without any interference from those who have been identified as the culprits.
The scandal features a level 300 AUCC student, one Matilda Wilson, and some lecturers in the school over some sexual agreement between them to adore her with good grades.
In some audio recording as well as a video in the possession of The New Crusading Guide, Matilda was heard discussing with three different lecturers on how they were going to meet and strategize on the sex for grades trade.
The tape again revealed some of the incidents which allegedly occurred in the offices of some of these lectures when school activities for the day were over.
Witnesses say, immediately the tape started circulating on campus, surprised Matilda caused the arrest of close friends on suspicion that they were behind the leakage.
While some languished in cells till the next day, the AUCC’s management, the paper learnt, intervened for only two under the excused that they were employees of the school.
However, management has issued a notice which is ostensibly to gag the students from making comment on the scandal.
Management Notice
“It has come to the attention of the authorities at AUCC that some students are alleged to be distributing information obtained unlawfully, The University Management is taking these allegations very seriously and has convened a Special investigative committee. All students are asked to fully cooperate with the investigation.”
Meanwhile, the lady at the center of the controversy, Matilda, has allegedly apologized to students on her social media platform for the happenings in the school but has not been invited by the school authorities.
Her apology read: “A lot has gone on lately, Perception, views, comments, accusations and personal interpretations have been given by all and sundry. I had absolutely no intention to hurt anybody in anyway. I therefore apologies to all those I might have hurt knowingly or unknowingly in one way or the other these past few weeks.
My actions cannot be justified in anyway, I accept the blame; I accept that much care was not taken. The hurt, ridicule, mockery, insults, pain, resentment, stigmatization, and all, I accept them all. I say sorry to all my lecturers, to student body and school authorities of AUCC, I say sorry to my friends and loved ones, I say sorry to all those who might have admired me from afar, I say sorry to all those who supported my campaign and still supporting me till now, I say sorry to the young ones who saw a mentor in me and to those who have been with me through thick and thin. These past few weeks, have been very hard for me and I guess I have myself to blame. When the world seems to be against us, it’s because we might have acted in the way that is not in tune with the world. I render an unqualified apology to you all. Matilda Wilson.”